If you find yourself in a conversation about dieting or weight loss, chances are you’ll hear of the ketogenic, or keto, a diet which has been exploding in popularity over the past few years.

A ketogenic diet is a very low carbohydrate, moderate protein, and high fat based nutrition plan, as it trains the individual’s metabolism to run off of fatty acids or ketone bodies.

Adopting this low-carb, high-fat diet can promote fat loss and even improve certain conditions such as type 2 diabetes and cognitive decline.

Since the benefits of a ketogenic diet are substantial, this article will show you how to start a ketogenic diet and how to use it in order to reap its full benefits.

  1. Start With Research

You need to understand what sort of food you can really have on keto for it will allow you to pick up a better understanding of your options.

  1. Plan Your Meal

After doing your research it is time to plan out your meals. Understand not only what you are going to eat, but when you are going to eat. Meal planning guarantees you use all you buy and helps you stick to the essentials. Additionally, it gives you an idea of how much you need to spend week after week for groceries.

  1. Preparing for Keto Flu

At first start in a keto diet, you might feel foggy, moody, tired and even slightly nauseous. It is a weird phenomenon that happens to some people when they start the keto diet and they feel like crap.

  1. Stay Hydrated

A no-brainer tips, but not easy to follow. Many can’t enter ketosis because they aren’t consuming enough water and keto only works if you drink enough water. A requirement of 0.5 ounces to 1 ounce per pound of body weight. it’s a way more water compared to how much you’re used to drinking. At the start, you’ll be using the bathroom a lot but over time your body will get used to the large amounts of water and the bathroom breaks become much less frequent.

  1. Tell Family and Friends

since this might be the most important steps, this as well becomes a lot easier when you have the support of loved ones around you. people in your circle need to understand the diet that you are doing but best that they understand the reasons why you’re doing it.for these people will help you to continue to put you in situations where you have to make tough food choices.

By understanding how your body tolerates stress and following the strategies above, will be able to understand what unique factors keep you in ketosis and this will help you prepare yourself for optimal career performance, a lean physique and great energy in all your activities.

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